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Coping: Request Quote

Select from our variety of in-stock sheet metals for an instant quote on your coping job.   Standard length is 10ft.  If your job requires lengths of less than 10ft or materials not listed, please contact us for a custom quote.  If you are a current customer, please log in to your account before building your quote.

Decimal Conversion
1/8 inch = .125
1/4 inch = .25
3/8 inch = .375
1/2 inch = .5
5/8 inch = .625
3/4 inch = .75
7/8 inch = .875

Coping Specs Enter Sides in inches converting your fractions of an inch to decimals. If side is less than an inch, enter leading zero. Enter Angles in degrees. Our Angle defaults are listed.

Yes, open slightly (1/8")
Yes, open 45°
1/2 inch Kick
No, closed tight

Yes, open slightly (1/8")
Yes, open 45°
No, closed tight

Add Front Cleat only
Add Back Cleat only
Add Front and Back Cleat
Add Continuous Cleat

Need Spot Cleats? Please call for quote.
Add 6" Standard Width Splice/Under Plate to Quote
Add 6" Standard Width Cover Plate to Quote